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BBN 180mm high grade FH785 offshore steel fills in the domestic blank

A few days ago, BBN steel successfully supplied 180mm thick high strength FH785 offshore steel plate, realizing the breakthrough of this new product with high grade, high strength, high efficiency and high difficulty, laying a solid foundation for occupying the high-end offshore engineering steel material market and creating a new benefit growth point.

High grade and thick offshore engineering steel is mainly used in offshore oil production platform, wind power installation ship and other large-scale marine equipment. With the deepening of the working sea area, marine equipment needs to withstand severe service environment such as sea waves, ocean undercurrent and atmospheric erosion, so the thickness, strength and toughness of the steel plate are gradually improved. Previously, special steel grades such as high-grade extra-thick plates in key parts of China's marine construction steel still needed to be imported. In order to break the monopoly, high-level and large-thickness FH785 offshore steel was developed based on major national special projects.

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