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BBN 170mm thick S355G10+N-Z35 high-grade marine steel plates were successfully delivered

Recently, the 170mm thick high-grade marine steel S355G10+N-Z35 plates produced by BBN Steel Group were delivered to customers. The product thickness and performance are at the international leading level and will be applied to the manufacturing of key parts of offshore floating oil storage vessels.

S355G10+N-Z35 steel plate has good comprehensive mechanical, welding, process and other properties, and is popular in the market of high-grade marine steel. Previously, the standard maximum thickness of this steel was 150 mm.

In view of the actual use of oil storage vessels in the deep-sea environment, BBN Steel has made in-depth communication with customers and carried out "high-end customization" for steel plates in key parts. In R&D, we integrated superior technical resources to form a technical research team, studied the best special process route and process control parameters, overcame global technical problems such as low temperature toughness and strain aging, and met customers' differentiated needs. In addition, in order to ensure that the S355G10+N-Z35 steel plate has obtained the welding assessment test certificate and has the "access key" to enter the market, scientific and technical personnel have made technical connection with well-known classification societies for many times, actively provided test plates and corresponding data, and successfully passed the certification of ABS classification society with excellent post welding performance.

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