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2021 Lantern Festival in February 26

The Lantern Festival is the first important festival after the Spring Festival. Activities such as admiring the moon, watching lanterns and guessing lantern riddles have been in existence since ancient times, and have been passed down to this day.

Eating Yuanxiao on the 15th day of the first lunar month has a long history in China. According to the legend, Yuanxiao began to be eaten in the late Spring and Autumn Period, but it was not called Yuanxiao at that time, but it was called "duckweed fruit", which meant a sign of revival. When he arrived at Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, he said that it was a court lady named Yuanxiao. She made a delicious "duckweed fruit" and she was very good at it. Later, people named Yuanxiao after the court lady Yuanxiao.

The Lantern Festival is also the "Valentine's Day" in ancient China. "Last year's Yuan Ye, the flower market lights were like the day. The willow heads were on the moon, and people met in the dusk." Ouyang Xiu's words and phrases described a couple of lovers meeting together on the Lantern Festival and enjoying the beautiful lanterns together.

After the Lantern Festival spread to the South, the South was renamed "Tang Yuan". The difference is in the use of materials and processing and modeling, and the meaning is the same. They are all for reunion and harmony, and the days are getting more and more prosperous.

Watching lanterns is also a traditional custom of the Lantern Festival and has a long history. Flower lanterns began in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. From the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the past dynasties have not stopped, and continue to today.

The 2021 Lantern Festival is in February 26. BBN steel wish you health and a happy family. 
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