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Inspection Report of 304L stainless steel round rod

On March 13th, 2019, Inspector Barry HE from Q/C Department of BBN steel has inspected the 304L stainless steel round rod.

Inspection Order No. :BBZY394
- Description and Quantity of: 304L stainless steel round rod

Grade Specification(mm)  Quantity(PCS)
ASTM A484 304L Φ6×3000 30
ASTM A484 304L Φ8×3000 25
ASTM A484 304L Φ10×3000 32
ASTM A484 304L Φ16×3000 25
ASTM A484 304L Φ20×3000 24
ASTM A484 304L Φ25×3000 24
ASTM A484 304L Φ30×3000 12
ASTM A484 304L Φ35×3000 12
ASTM A484 304L Φ40×3000 12
ASTM A484 304L Φ45×3000 12
ASTM A484 304L Φ50×3000 11
ASTM A484 304L Φ75×3000 4
304L stainless steel round rod304L stainless steel round rod
The Inspection Report show 5 pages. For full document, please contact our online person to send by email.

If you are interested in the more details for this test report, please download the PDF file.

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