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The role of sluice gate / penstock

The sluice gate / penstock is an important part of hydraulic structures, used to open or close the water discharge orifice, and plays a role in controlling the water level, adjusting the flow, and changing the flow channel.

The main components of the sluice gate / penstock produced by BBN are made of plain carbon steel, and the seals are made of P-type rubber. The gate groove can be made of carbon steel, cast iron, or concrete, etc. Usually sluice gate / penstocks are opened and closed at static water level.

Due to the high strength, light weight, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low price and long life of sluice gate / penstocks, they are widely used.

For the opening and closing of sluice gate / penstocks, electric hoist for medium and small gates is directly connected by a drive shaft; large gates are drawn by wire ropes and driven by winches, which are selected by the user.

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