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Special-shaped tube

Common types of special-shaped tubes: armrest tubes, D-shaped tubes, semi-flat elliptical tubes, triangular tubes, clear octagonal tubes, octagonal tubes, five-sided tubes, six-sided tubes, semi-circular tubes, drum-shaped tubes, light bulbs, bread tubes, I-shaped tubes, trapezoidal tube, splayed tube, etc., welcome to customize various special-shaped tubes! ...

Core parameters
Steel tube specifications: Special customized sizes
Steel tube wall thickness: According to requirements and conventional thickness

Product description
Special-shaped tubes are a general term for steel pipes with other cross-sectional shapes other than round pipes. They are distinguished according to their cross-sections. Various handrail pipes, polygonal pipes, semi-circular pipes, trapezoidal pipes and other special customized sizes are available, and can also be customized according to the user's processing needs. Various special-shaped seamless steel tubes are made by cold drawing.

Product details
[Common steel grades]: 10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, 16Mn, 27SiMn3, 27SiMn, Cr5Mo2, Q235, Q345
[Steel pipe specifications]: various handrail pipes, multi-faceted pipes, semi-circular pipes, trapezoidal pipes and other special customized sizes
[Product type]: Annealed black tube, bright tube, galvanized tube
[Supply Type]: Stock available. Can be customized also.

Common sizes:

Pipe type Specification Wall thickness
Special-shaped tube 18x24 0.3-1.5
Special-shaped tube 17x45 0.3-1.5
Special-shaped tube 30x50 0.3-1.5
Special-shaped tube 40x55 0.3-1.5
Fabric tube/octagonal pipe 15x27 0.3-1.5
Fabric tube/octagonal pipe 17x23 0.3-1.5
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