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SA612 high strength carbon steel plate for medium and low temperature pressure vessels

Introduction to SA612 high strength carbon steel plate:
SA612 plate is a killed carbon manganese silicon steel plate for medium and low temperature welding pressure vessels.

SA612 steel plate manufacturing method:
SA612 smelting process - steel shall be killed steel and meet the requirements of fine austenite grain size in A20/A20M standard.

SA612 pressure vessel steel plate chemical composition (mass fraction):
C ≤0.25, Si 0.15-0.50, Mn 1.00-1.50, P ≤0.035, S ≤0.025, Cu ≤0.35, Ni ≤0.25, Cr ≤0.25, Mo ≤0.08, V ≤0.08

Requirements for tensile properties of SA612 steel plate:

Thickness ≤12.5mm >12.5-25mm
Tensile strength, ksi (MPs) 83-105(570-725) 81-101(560-695)
Yield strength (minimum) ksi (MPs) 50(345) 50(345)
8in Elongation (minimum)% of (200mm) 16 16
2in. Elongation (minimum)% of (50mm) 22 22

SA612 carbon steel plate delivery status:
SA3612 steel plate shall be generally supplied in rolling state, or normalized or stress-relieved steel plate or normalized plus stress-relieved steel plate can be ordered.

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