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Q235NH weathered steel plate corten steel sheet

Q235NH is a weathered steel plate that belongs to the Chinese standard GB/T 4171. It is also known as corten steel or atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel. Q235NH corten steel sheet is designed to have enhanced resistance to atmospheric corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

The characteristic feature of Q235NH weathered steel plate is its ability to develop a protective rust-like appearance when exposed to the elements. This natural patina acts as a barrier and helps to protect the underlying steel from further corrosion. The rust-like appearance gives Q235NH a distinctive aesthetic appeal, making it popular in architectural and landscaping projects.

Q235NH weathered steel plate offers good mechanical properties, including high strength and excellent weldability. It is commonly used in structural applications such as bridges, buildings, and outdoor sculptures.

Due to its weathering properties, Q235NH corten steel sheet eliminates the need for painting and ongoing maintenance, reducing overall costs. However, it is important to note that Q235NH may not be suitable for highly corrosive environments or areas with high chloride content.

In summary, Q235NH weathered steel plate (corten steel sheet) is a durable and aesthetically appealing material that provides resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Its unique rust-like appearance and mechanical properties make it suitable for various outdoor applications, offering both functionality and visual appeal.

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