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Purpose of perforated metal sheet plate

Nowadays, stainless steel perforated metal sheet plate is more and more widely used. Continuous forming of curtain wall perforated metal sheet plate: forming processing methods with larger die size than perforated metal sheet plate, such as large-size louver, rolling rib, rolling step and so on. Punched aluminum mesh has uniform coating and various colors. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between paint and aluminum plate uniform, various colors and large selection space. Most of the raw materials used by perforated metal sheet plate manufacturers are: stainless steel plate, low-carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, PVC plate, cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and so on. Perforated aluminum mesh has good durability and corrosion resistance.

The perforated metal sheet plate can be used to make the environmental sound insulation barrier of traffic and municipal facilities such as expressway, railway and subway, and the sound insulation and noise absorption board of building wall, generator room and plant.

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