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JIS G3101 grade SS400 low carbon steel coil hr hot rolled steel sheet

The SS400 low-carbon steel coil under JIS G3101 standard is a hot-rolled thin steel plate widely used in various fields. SS400 low-carbon steel coil has excellent machinability and welding performance, and is suitable for manufacturing lightweight structural parts, pipelines, vehicle components, etc.

The hot rolled thin steel plate of SS400 low-carbon steel coil is characterized by its lower carbon content, making it an ideal material choice with good ductility and formability. SS400 steel coil is commonly used in the production of cold-formed steel, thin-walled pipes, lightweight components, etc., meeting the requirements for high strength and durability.

JIS G3101 grade SS400 low-carbon steel coils are widely used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries. Its versatility and reliability make it one of the important materials in many engineering projects, providing a solid foundation for the production of various products.

For manufacturers, choosing SS400 low-carbon steel coils that comply with JIS G3101 standards can ensure product quality and safety, thereby achieving improved production efficiency and customer satisfaction. SS400 hot-rolled thin steel plate provides crucial support for modern industry, promoting development and innovation in various fields.

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