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How to prevent flooding in the oil tank farm of the gas station in heavy rainfall weather

The oil tank area of the gas station must do the following emergency work to prevent rainstorms to ensure the safety of the gas station:

The gas station built on the side of the hillside, check and maintain the gas station separation wall before the rainy season;

To build a new gas station, do a good job in preventing the oil tank from drifting, so that the oil can be drained out in time under heavy rainfall;

Check the stability of the oil tank in the underground gas station. If the tank body sinks and the pipeline is deformed, strengthen it in time to prevent leakage;

Take measures to prevent underground oil tanks from floating in rainy weather and drain water in time. Closely observe the height of the oil tank water well level, once the water level rises, immediately drain;

Increase the inventory of oil tanks, reduce the chance of oil tanks floating due to heavy rains, pay close attention to the inventory of oil products in oil tanks at gas stations, and avoid floating tanks caused by excessive groundwater levels;

Gas stations must install lightning protection devices and perform lightning protection grounding detection. In the event of lightning, turn off the tanker, cut off the power supply, and stop loading and unloading operations to avoid lightning damage to the equipment;

Inspect all equipment circuits, fuel dispensers, lighting circuits, etc. of the gas station in time to prevent short circuits due to moisture, avoid the fuel dispensers on the edge of the shed from being wet from rain, and turn off some fuel dispensers when necessary;

Do a good job in the protection of the gas station's oil tank area and refueling machines, set up roadblocks at the entrance and exit of the gas station, stop refueling, cut off the power supply and close the gate valve of the oil tank area if necessary, to ensure the safe operation of the refueling station;

Observe the ground water level of the gas station and the observation well of the oil tank area at any time to prevent the floating tank from being caused by the high water level. Clean and dredge the drainage ditch of the gas station in time to ensure unobstructed drainage, and do a good job in the maintenance of drainage facilities and equipment;

Inspect the oil tank operation well in time, check whether the seal of the oil discharge port and the meter port is intact, and prevent rainwater from leaking from the oil discharge port and the inner oil port into the oil tank of the gas station and affect the oil quality. If it is damaged, replace it in time, bandage the unloading port and gauge port to prevent oil leakage, replace or repair the damaged manhole cover in time;

In the weather of continuous heavy rainfall, gas station staff need to strengthen the inspection of the oil tank area, pay attention to the water in the soil of the oil tank area, find and solve the problem in time, do all kinds of work to prevent rainstorms, and strengthen the inspection of the operation of the oil tank area of the gas station wells, drainage ditches, observation wells and other key parts, keep abreast of water conditions;

The gas station should do a good job of draining the buried oil tank in time. If the oil tank area is not drained in time, there will be serious water accumulation, rainwater deposits and seepage at the bottom of the oil tank, which will cause the bottom of the tank to rust and seepage, which will affect the quality of the oil. There will be a floating tank accident. Timely dredge blocked sewers, remove stagnant water, and greatly reduce the loss of gas stations.

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