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Chemical composition and mechanical properties of 50Mn2V alloy structural steel

50Mn2V belongs to alloy structural steel plate. After heat treatment, it should have good matrix strength, wear resistance and welding performance. 50Mn2V alloy structural steel is easy to level, and has good surface quality; good shape, high dimensional accuracy; good hardenability.

Chemical composition of 50Mn2V alloy structural steel:
C: 0.47-0.57
Mn: 1.40-1.80
Si: ≤0.25
P: ≤0.035
S: ≤0.035
V: 0.08-0.16

Tensile yield strength of 50Mn2V alloy steel plate:
Grade: 50Mn2V
First quenching heating temperature (℃): 820
Tempering heating temperature (℃): 550
Tensile strength (σb/MPa): ≥930
Yield point (σs/MPa): ≥785
Elongation after break (δ5/%): ≥9
Area shrinkage (ψ/%): ≥40

50Mn2V alloy structural steel characteristics:
Diamond and saw blade matrix material can become diamond saw blade through the combination of matrix material. Because of its excellent cutting performance and wear resistance, it is widely used in stone processing, highway infrastructure and so on. The usual diamond saw blade base material is 65Mn, but the life of the saw blade is affected by defects such as large quenching deformation and poor welding performance. In recent years, the diamond saw blade matrix material 50Mn2V has been successfully developed. Because of the addition of 0.08%-0.16% vanadium to this material, the quenching performance is improved; at the same time, the manganese content is increased and the carbon content is reduced, which all help to improve the various properties of steel, prolong the life of the saw blade.

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