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Boiler steel 1.0425 P265 P355GH carbon steel plate sheet

Boiler steel grades like 1.0425 (P265) and P355GH are designed for use in high-temperature settings, such as those found in boiler and pressure vessel applications. These steels offer excellent properties for elevated temperature service, including good weldability and high strength.

1.0425 (P265) is a non-alloy quality steel with specified elevated temperature properties, suitable for pressurized vessels and boilers. It offers good plasticity, toughness, and workability.

P355GH, on the other hand, is a pressure vessel steel grade that meets the European standard EN10028. It has good mechanical properties and chemical composition suitable for high-temperature applications.

Carbon steel plate sheets made from these boiler steels are used in the construction of boilers, pressure vessels, and piping systems operating at high temperatures. Proper material selection and fabrication techniques are crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of such industrial equipment. Regular inspection and maintenance are also essential to prolong the service life of these components.

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