Planing cutting is using planer tool to do the horizontal relative straight reciprocating motion of the workpiece. It is mainly used for the shape of the components processing. The precision of planing can be reached IT 10-IT8, roughness of surface (Ra) up to 6.3-1.6um.

Planing is one of the main methods of plane machining. The common planer machine tools are shaping machine, longmen planer and slotting machine and so on.

Process characteristics
Good generality
It can be machined vertically and horizontally, and can also be processed T groove, V type groove, swallow tail groove and so on.

Low productivity
The production efficiency of the planing is low, the main reason is that the cutting is Intermittent. In the process of cutting, the large instability of the cutting tool leads to the vibration and impact of the machining process, which is easy to cause the damage of the parts.

Processing precision is not high
Normally IT 8-7, Ra is 1.6-6.3um.

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