Grinding, it is the process of removing materials with grinding tools.It belongs to the application of precision machining in machinery manufacturing industry widely.Our BBN own to have all kinds of advanced grinding machines,such as flat grinder,universal grinder,NC optical profile grinding machine ,Jig grinder and so on.

Grinding classification:
There are 6 types of grinding according to the different processing objects, Plane grinding,Cylindrical grinding,Centerless grinding,Free grinding,Ring face grinding.

Production process
By cutting the abrasive particles distributed on the surface of the grinding wheel, the entire work piece becomes bright.

Grinding Precision
BBN could do the semi-finishing and finish machining, precision can reach IT8 ~ 5 or higher, general grinding surface roughness is Ra1.25 ~ 0.16 microns, precision grinding of Ra0.16 ~ 0.04 microns, super precision grinding for Ra0.04 ~ 0.01 microns, mirror grinding of Ra0.01 micron.

BBN grinding advantages
The delivery time humanization can cooperate with the customer needs to be classified as urgent, urgent, general, to meet the customer delivery date.

Eeconomic benefits : BBN have professional grinding technician team, BBN grinding center not only has the ability to accurately complete customer specified parts specifications, the more efficient through the SOP standard process operation, and can shorten the grinding time, saves the customer time cost.

BBN grinding capacity
Tolerance: 2um (0.002mm)
Grinding size: out diameter 10-400mm
Type of abrasive material: Alloy steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, fast cutting steel, stainless steel...

Application products: industrial parts, vehicle parts, sewing machine parts, bearings, sleeve, gear, thimble, needles, gasket, valve seat, valve catheter, bevel gear, axis, the main shaft, washers, fiber optic connectors, connecting rod, valve plates, molds, machinery parts, valve stem, etc.

Application filed: Industry, automobile, electronics, aerospace, defense industry, textile, agriculture, chemistry, dentistry, food, medical, military, machine tool, pharmaceutical, energy, packaging, semiconductor, security, transportation, industry, etc.




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