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1. Technique : Allumen rare earth as well as zinc nickel alloy hot dipping zinc level
2. equipment: large galvanizing pot 13x1.5x2.3 meters
     middle galvanizing pot 6.5x0.8x1.2 meters
     small galvanizing pot 1.8x0.6x0.8 meters
3. process :
 First : pickling ---- remove rust, oxidized scale skin, deposition salt and other superficial cover.
 Second : clean---- clear steel surface’s acid water and other attachment caused by pickling.
 Third: soak steel in the mixed liquor of zinc chloride and ammonia chloride .------after having been soaked this fluid, the steel’s surface can keep apart from air, prevent the oxidation to rust, and will make the superficial iron element active. So that the chemical combination of iron and zinc can be carried out easier in hot zinc liquor.
 Forth: drying----increase the steel’s temperature, prevent the possible blast which may be caused by the much water on the steel surface.
 Fifth: hot galvazizing---- soak steel in pure zinc liquor whose temperature is 445-455 degree for some time, the steel surface will be covered by complicated and complicated coating, this coating contains steel-zinc alloy coating and pure zinc coating.
 Sixth : cooling---- prevent the continuative combination of zinc and steel , in order to keep the stable coating.
 Seventh : polishing----remove the redundant zinc and zinc hydor
 Eighth : the inspection and test on about coating

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