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Pakistan makes anti-dumping final ruling on cold-rolled coil from Taiwan

In February 3, 2022, the Pakistan State Customs Committee announced the latest announcement of case No. ADC60/2021/NTC/CRC, which made an affirmative termination of the anti-dumping duties on cold rolled coils/sheets originating or imported from Taiwan, China, the European Union, South Korea and Vietnam, and decided to impose a CFR (C&F) on China's Taiwan region, the European Union, and the European Union. South Korea and Vietnam imposed anti-dumping duties of 6.18%, 6.50%, 13.24% and 17.25% respectively on the products involved. The measures came into force on August 23, 2021 and are valid for five years.

The products involved in the case are cold-rolled plates or coils of iron or non alloy steel with width ≤ 1250mm, thickness of 0.15mm - 3.00mm, primary and secondary, uncoated, coated (excluding cold-rolled plates and coils and tin rolled black steel plates for the shell of some automobile models), Involving products under Pakistan tax numbers 7209.1510, 7209.1590, 7209.1610, 7209.1690, 7209.1710, 7209.1790, 7209.1810, 7209.1899, 7209.2510, 7209.2590, 7209.2610, 7209.2690, 7209.2710, 7209.2790, 7209.2810 and 7209.2890.

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