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Service Case

Vessel (Ⅰ)


  • Al, A2 Pressure Vessel Design License
  • Al, A2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License
  • ASME "U", "U2", "S" Certification


  • Member of China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association
  • Member of China Council for The Promotion of Special Equipment Safety and Energy Saving
  • Deputy Committee Member of China Peroleum And Chemical Industry Federation Supplier Work Committe

1Tubesheet With Large Diameter

Tubesheet Processing∮8600mm

2Tubesheet in Deep-Hole Drilling

Tubesheet Processing∮730mm

3Tubesheet in Special Material (Titanium Alloy)

Pickle/Titanium/Titanium Alloy/Nickel-Based Alloy/Copper-Clad Tube Sheet

4Tubesheet in Special Processing Technology

Capacity of Processing


  • Hole Diameter Range : ∮1.5mm -∮238mm


  • Hole Diameter Range :∮12mm -∮50mm
  • Hole Depth Range : 1100mm


  • Maximum Size : 13000mm X 6000mm, 9300mm X 100000mm


  • Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titaniumtim, Composite Plate, Nickel Base Alloy
Equipment Name Set
Mult-drilling Machine 32
Deep Hole Drilling Machine 11
Radial Drilling Machine 8
Vertical Lathe 10
Others 23

Major Equipment

Service Case

Vessel (Ⅱ)

Cooperative Project

  • Nantong Project 50,000m³: 9Ni Steel (Inner Tank)
  • Shanghai Project 100,000m³: 9Ni Steel (Inner Tank)
  • Dalian Project 160,000m³: 9Ni Steel (Inner Tank)
  • Jiangsu Project 160,000m³: 9Ni Steel (Inner Tank)
  • Tangshan Project 160,000m³: 9Ni Steel (Inner Tank)
  • Sichuan Guangyuan 20,000m³: Q345R (Outer Tank)*304(lnner Tank)
  • Hebei Ganzhou 20,000m³: Q375R (Outer Tank)+304(lnner Tank)
  • Yulin Project 20,000m³: Q345R (Outer Tank)+304(lnner Tank)
  • Jingbian Project 20,000m³: 16MnDR(0uter Tank)+304(lnner Tank)
  • Erdos (Hongji Hongtai) 30,000m³: 16MnDR(0uter Tank)*304(lnner Tank)
  • Shanxi Yanglin 30,000m³: 16MnDR(Outer Tank)+304(lnner Tank)
  • Ningxia Hongxing 20,000m³: 16MnDR(0uter Tank)+304(lnner Tank)

Major Equipment

Service Case

Vessel (Ⅱ) - LNG Service Process

  • Leveling

  • Cutting

  • Edge Planing

  • Rolling

  • Painting

  • Packing

  • Transport

Service Case

Vessel (Ⅱ)- Storage Tank

1LNG Storage Tank

Inner Shell for LNG Storage Tank
Sheel for Cryogenic Vessel
9Ni Shell
9Ni Shell Application Legened

2Storage Tank of Food

3Storage Tank of Liquid Production

Service Case

Vessel (Ⅲ)

1Head Processing in Papermaking Equipment Recausticizing System(∮ 24mm)

Engineering Installation Site

2Cold Roiling Shell Can(Thickness: 200mm)

3Rooling Shell Can(Cr Mo Steel)

4Rolling With Large Diameter

5Heat Treatment of Pressure Vessel

6Combination of Pressure Vessel

7Surface Treatment of Pressure Vessel

8Dephlegmation Tower

Engineering Installation Site

9Large Heat Exchanger

10Pressure Separator

Service Case

Forming In Chemical Cargo Ship

Cooperative Project

  • Chong Qing Shipping Co.,Ltd
  • Jiujiang Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd
  • AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd
  • Jiangsu New Times Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd
  • Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Tongbao Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd


  • Lloyd’s Register Certification
  • DET NORSKE VERITAS Certification
  • DNV, GL, BV Welder Certificate


  • The Bending of Different Thickness

Major Equipment

1Chemical Ship Plates

2Various Forming

3Outfitting Piece

4Forming in Pipeline

Service Case

Structual Components

1Shipbuilding Industry

Shipbuilding Propeller

Oceanographic Engineering Equipment Parts

Chemical Products Board

2Engineering Industry

Equipment Matching Parts

Uncoiler Parts

Road Boring Machine Parts

Forging Parts of Coal Machinery

Centrifugal Thickener



Crane Boom

Mine Car Compartment

3Energy Industry

Energy Equipment Parts

Main Pipeline

Energy Equipment Parts

Energy Equipment Matching Parts

Energy Equipment Parts

Energy Equipment Intercalary Panel

4Wind Power Industry

Wind Tower Parts

Wind Power Equipment Parts

Wind Power Motor Parts

5Petro Chemical Industry

Chemical Shell Can



Tube Sheet

Heat Exchanger


6Architect Industry

Rectangular Tube

H-shaped Carbon Steel Section

H-shaped Stainless Steel Section

7Papermaking Industry

Papermaking Equipment Accessory


Scanning Frame

Cladding Parts


Dryer for a Toilet Paper Machine