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8 pcs 42699. 6 m³ big diameter Crude oil storage doom roof tank in A537CL2 steel grade

1. Background Information
The customer is one of the largest steel importers in NIGERIA, and they mainly supply to NNPC Nigeria. We BBN win NNPC pipeline and offloading platform project at April 2019. It included 8 pieces 42699. 6 m³ big diameter Crude oil storage doom roof tank in A537CL2 steel grade and 15000 tons API 5L X52 PLS2 seamless pipe. We BBN provided EPC services for offloading platform project too. Total value amount is USD43. 00 millions. In Sep 2019, our client visited our company and factory; they were very satisfied with our company's quality control, production capacity and service. And we also have reached an agreement for Phase II Project; it has another 8 pieces 42699. 6 m³ big diameter Crude oil storage doom roof tank in A537CL2 steel grade. Now we are their most reliable partner in China.

In Sep 2019, NNPC client visited our company and factory.customer visit

In the meeting, we discussed many technical details requirements.customer visit

2. Brief Introduction of BBN Steel Fabrication and Machining
Starting from the needs of users and with the support of many well-known steel mills at home and abroad, BBN has built a BBN "steel plant specialized material service platform" with complete varieties and reliable quality, so as to provide stable and reliable material service guarantee.
Professional service platform for steel mill materials (keep stock by ourselves)
We have over 100000 tons inventory to ensure the steady supply of a complete range of products at competitive prices.

Professional material service provider and processing and manufacturing support provider - "one stop" steel service platform Cutting, grinding, forming, blanking, welding, heat treatment, machining, spraying, general assembly.Steel Fabrication and Machining

Our 5000m2 constant temperature machine work shopSteel Fabrication and MachiningSteel Fabrication and MachiningSteel Fabrication and Machining

Our company BBN not only provides tank fabrication such as cutting, beveling, bending welding, painting etc, but also EPC construction service based the information and the requirements from Client.

Our technology department is the guarantee of the effective operation of the enterprise. We take the customer demand as the guidance, using the scientific method and the reasonable design to make the customer satisfied with our products.

3. BBN Technological Superiority
A. We have API650 Design Software which annual maintenance is required (attached certificate for reference). Quite a few companies in China have this certificate:API650 Design

B. Our technology department can design drawing in BIM and 3D for our customer:API650 DesignAPI650 Design

C. Our technology department can help to design drawings for our customers :API650 Design

4, BBN Production Control Department Superiority

A, We send progress report to our customers every day so that they can know the detailed progress of the whole order. This can avoid the problems before construction job.Crude oil storage tankCrude oil storage tank

B, We inspect raw material before fabricate it. (Test chemical composition and mechanical properties)Crude oil storage tank

C, We proceed PQR and WPQ before welding, make sure there is no problem when weld the tank.Crude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tank

D, We also arrange the third party SGS to do the inspection.Crude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tank

5, BBN Shipping Department Superiority

A, Make a packing plan before production so that the volume and weight can be calculated, we can book the vessel in advance.Crude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tank

B, Each steel plate and each package has a number so that the corresponding number can be found during the installation.

Serial number Name Steel plate number shop sign Specifications Quantity Weight(KG)
1 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033466-02 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
2 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033449-02 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
3 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033436-01 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
4 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033676-02 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
5 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033450-02 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
6 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033465-01 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
7 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033468-03 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
8 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033478-01 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
9 4th COURSE(A4) 19P-033676-03 A537CL2 14*2500*10700 1 2923.3
Total weight of steel plate(KG)   26310.06
Packing weight(KG)   2000.0
Total weight(KG)   28310.06


SHELL (SAND BLASTING-PAINTING-MILLING-ROLL)Crude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tankCrude oil storage doom roof tank








The roof and shell of the tank are required to be painted on both sides of the steel plate. The dry film thickness of the tank shell and the inner wall of the tank roof shall not be less than 70 microns; the dry film thickness of the tank shell and the outer surface of the tank top shall not be less than 50 microns; the dry film thickness of the outer wall of the tank bottom shall not be less than 25 microns. The dry film of the inner wall of the tank bottom is not less than 25 microns; when installing the steel plate edge, it is necessary to reserve a 50mm width in the welding position without anti-corrosion treatment.INTERPLATE317 PAINTINGINTERPLATE317 PAINTING

8. OUR PACKINGdoom roof tank

Our company has modern large-scale production equipments, such as large truck cranes, large cranes, CNC plate cutting machines, CNC pipe cutting machine, automatic welding machine; large plate rolling machine, bending machine, edge planning machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, etc. Modern production equipment; equipped with high-quality, precise and cutting-edge CNC inspection equipment such as radio graphic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, and ultrasonic inspection.
Our main areas of production and operation are petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, building, electric power and other industries; Our company has established overseas branches and offices in Nigeria.

We have independent import and export rights in international trade, and are a member of Sinopec and Petro China. We have the design and manufacture qualification for pressure vessels, the design and manufacture qualification for international marine pressure vessels of Class II and III, the qualification of GB2 pressure pipeline installation, the American standard ASME and the European standard CE international welding qualifications, the third-level general contracting qualification for petrochemical engineering, and the three-level professional contracting qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering. These qualifications cover areas including oil, natural gas, chemical, petrochemical main projects, supporting projects, production auxiliary projects, etc. The project construction scope is including the main equipment area of petrochemical industry, storage tank production, pipeline installation, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, fire-fighting equipment installation, overweight equipment installation, steel structure, environmental protection, electronics, power transmission and transformation engineering, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, foundation and base, earthwork and so on.

The main business scope of the company's products and engineering projects includes:
(1) The design, production and installation of large and medium-sized oil depots such as the American standard API650,
API620 and the national standard GB50128; the design, production and installation of large and medium-sized vertical oil tanks and vertical storage tanks;
(2) The United States Standard AWWA+D100-2011 water tank and the prefabrication, anti-corrosion, production and on-site construction and installation of the original water tank, desalinated water tank, and water tank of the national standard power plant;
(3) Renovation projects, gas station oil and gas recovery and renovation projects;
(4) Design, manufacture and installation of buried oil tanks, double-layer oil tanks, and horizontal oil tanks in gas stations and gas stations.

Our projects are widely distributed in overseas countries along the Belt and Road, including oil depots, oil tank design and installation projects. Our business covers five continents and four oceans around the world, twenty-three countries included:
(1) Southeast Asia including East Timor (Phase III), the Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar;
(2) South Asia including Bangladesh and Pakistan;
(3) West Asia including Turkey and Iraq;
(4) South America Including Ecuador and Venezuela;
(5) Africa including Niger, Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana, Eritrea, Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Sierra Neone and other countries;
(6)Europe including Belarus;
(7) Oceania including Papua New Guinea, etc.

10. OUR OVERSEA PROJECTSCrude oil storage tankCrude oil storage tankCrude oil storage tankCrude oil storage tank

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