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Outward Development Training of BBN Steel in 2020

Last week, BBN steel organized Outward Development Training for Zhengzhou office staff. The family members of employees are also invited. And the children are arranged into Children Group. The Outward Development Training is aiming at enhancing team cohesion of the enterprise, helping the employees have a more clear learning of the importance of self role and cooperation, the importance of leadership and execution, the importance of persistence and details.
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The influence of the Outward Development Training is far-reaching. During the training, we learned so much, which can give a good guidance during our following work. First, we learned the importance of leadership and execution. A team must have a leader, have order and shared goal. The leader shall integrate resources within the team and allocate them reasonably, so as to make the best use of each member and resources, and to avoid repeating work. Second, the team member shall communicate and cooperate with each other. The team work is a whole process, one link connects with another. If one link is broke, the whole process will have problem.
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We also need to take the whole situation into account. Sometimes, we even need to slow our step to support our teammates, so that we can get a better result together. Only the team becomes strong, can we have a better platform and give a better play. More important, we shall not give up to difficulties. Most times, only insist can we approach hope and success.
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