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616 Tons S960QL Machining Steel Parts to Malaysia

1. Background Information:
Our customer is a leading bus body manufacturers and bus assemblers in Malaysia with more than 30 years experience. Their main products including single deck bus, double deck bus, articulated bus, single deck coach, high deck coach, open top coach, electrical bus.
In June of 2020, customer attend the government bid for build bus with using S960QL high strength Machining steel plates as axle part. Based on our high strength steel production experience, complete set of reliable processing equipment, perfect machining experience, we finally support customer won the tender.

The Customer delivery technical terms are as follows:
1) S960QL raw material steel plates according to EN10025-6, quenched and tempered, resist -40℃ low temperature impact test.
Yield Strength 960Mpa(min), Tensile strength 980-1150Mpa, Elongation 10%(min)
Pass A435 ultrasonic test.

2) Drawing regulations:
①cutting, drilling, chamfer, and machining tolerance according to:
ISO 9013, ISO 2768 Class mK
②Surface requirement:Sandblasting;
③Drilling smoothness:Ra 6.3S960QL Machining Steel Parts

According to customer drawing, after seriously review, BBN technical team issued the professional 3D drawing:(Our professional technical department can customize complex processing drawings with high precision on demand)S960QL Machining Steel Parts

3. Painting requirement:Three layer total 280mm DFT HEMPEL paint. Head and Tail only have primer. All drilling hole don't have paint. We paint in strict accordance with customer requirements
(HEMPEL is a famous paint brand founded in Denmark in 1915. Because the final products will be used on the coast and has strict requirements for corrosion prevention, using HEMPEL can help the products effectively resist the erosion of marine air and water vapor. )S960QL Machining Steel Parts

In March 2021, we delivery all products to customer successfully. Customer is very satisfied with the quality of our products, no matter from the product tolerance, paint thickness or actual installation , all of them are qualified and meet the technical requirements.
Below please refer to finished products and application pictures:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

According to customer need, our processing steps are shown as follows:
ITP for Steel Plates:
For S960QL plates, before production we made steel plate ITP for customer.S960QL Machining Steel PartsS960QL Machining Steel Parts

3. Steel Plates Production and Heat Treatment:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

4. Cutting:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

5. Sand Blasting and Painting:
In order to prevent the machining parts from rusting, after sand blasting we sprayed a layer of Hempel primerS960QL Machining Steel Parts

6. Drilling:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

7. Spray Three Layer Hempel Paint:
After drilling holes, we protect all drilling holes from entering the paint and continue spray three layer Hempel PaintS960QL Machining Steel Parts

8. BBN QC team Inspection:S960QL Machining Steel PartsS960QL Machining Steel PartsS960QL Machining Steel PartsS960QL Machining Steel Parts
QC test result:
All the test results comply with the requirement of standard.
All the results meet client’s requirement, the final results of check are acceptable.
9. Delivery Pictures:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

10. EN10204 3.1 MTC:S960QL Machining Steel PartsS960QL Machining Steel Parts

11. Original Bill of Lading:S960QL Machining Steel PartsS960QL Machining Steel Parts

12. Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co. , Ltd Head Office & Teams:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

13. Our Warehouse and Workshop:S960QL Machining Steel Parts

14. The Machining Service BBN Can Provide:

BBN have nine processing platforms , we can provide: slitting, cutting, grinding, moulding, welding, heat treatment, painting, machining and assembly service for customer.Machining Service

Our Cutting RangeCutting Range

Our Machining RangeMachining Range

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