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Thailand - 302 tons SS304 seamless pipe

1.Background Information
This is our regular customer in Thailand that we cooperated since 2015. In Nov,2020, they have demand for the 304 welding pipe with the size 50.8*1.25mm for heat exchanger project. But considering high import tax in Thailand for such kind of welding pipe, finally we suggested to used seamless pipe instead, which can avoid high tax cost. Actually, the there is very little factory can produce such thickness 1.25mm by seamless pipe. But based on BBN’s ability and technical department serious evaluation, we produce seamless pipe for such size without any problem. Customer was also quite satisfied after received the cargo.

2.BBN Head Office and Stainless seamless workshopSS304 seamless pipeSS304 seamless pipe

3.BBN QC Inspection
Dimension testing
Specification: Steel pipes 50.8*1.25*9800SS304 seamless pipeSS304 seamless pipeSS304 seamless pipe

PMI Testing and Lab Test resultSS304 seamless pipe

Visual quality inspectionSS304 seamless pipe

4.BBN Package
Considering the thickness of the pipe is too small, which is very easy to bebroken during the delivery, specially loading and unloading process. In order to protect the pipe well, we specially used the wooden box to package.SS304 seamless pipe

5.Mill Test CertificateSS304 seamless pipe

6.FORM ESS304 seamless pipe

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