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567 tons Q235B Milling Plate to Singapore

1.Background Information
Since 2016, we supply four type products of Q235B Milling plate to Singapore which is used as X-Ray equipment, client will do the next stage processing after the goods arrived Singapore. During our cooperation, we visit our client twice and know their requirement better, according client demand we improve our service on quality control & packing, also solve the material problem which saving a lot of cost for them. Early year our Shanghai branch-Shanghai Katalor support & sponsored the ATT Singapore National Table Tennis League in 2017, 2018 & 2019. Since 2021 in order to give them better support, we start to export to use head company Bebon.

2.Client Visit Shanghai BranchQ235B Milling Plate

3.Visit Client Factory in SingaporeQ235B Milling Plate

4.Henan Bebon Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd Head OfficeQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling Plate

5.Milling Plate we offer
Surface roughness below 3.2 microns; tolerance on the all size is +/-0.1mmQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling Plate

6.UT Testing before We DeliverQ235B Milling Plate

7.Dimension CheckQ235B Milling Plate

8.SGS Inspection on the flatness and AngleQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling Plate

9.Oiled & Packing

Oiled → cover with plastic film → Vacuum → Wooden box will better protect the goods & longer anti rust protection.Q235B Milling Plate

10.Bill of loadingQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling Plate

11.Sponsor for Singapore National Table Tennis LeagueQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling Plate

12.BBN Schiess VMG6 CNC Double-gantry Boring-milling Machining CenterQ235B Milling PlateQ235B Milling Plate

13.BBN Milling Introduction
1)BBN milling size range:
Thickness Range: 5mm-100mm
Width Range: 50mm-5000mm
Length Range: 50-10000mm
Height Range: 2000mm as max

2)BBN Processing machine list:

Equipment Type Quantity Capacity
Boring Mill TPX6113 2 Max. weight of work piece: 10 MT
Operating center distance: 2000 mm
Height: 1800 mm
Floor type boring and milling machine TX6213 1 Max. weight of work piece: 20 MT
Operating center distance: 3000 mm
Height: 2500 mm
CNC vertical lathe 4 Meter 1 Max. weight of work piece: 10 MT
Height: 2500 mm
Vertical lathe 2.5 Meter 1 Max. weight of work piece: 8 MT
Height: 1600 mm
Radial drilling machine 80 Type 1  
Planer milling machine 2.85*8 Meter 1 Max. dimensions of work piece:
2.85*8*2.5 m
Gantry machining center XB2905 1 Max. dimensions of work piece:
2.9*1.6*5 m
Gantry machining center TOM-SP32088 1 Max. dimensions of work piece:
3.2*1.6*8 m
Gantry machining center GMC30100WR3 1 Max. dimensions of work piece:
3.6*3.5*10 m
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