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Q890C quenched and tempered high-strength steel plate

Introduction to Q890C high-strength steel plate:
Q890C is a quenched and tempered steel plate for high-strength structure.
In the grade, "Q" means yield, "890" means yield value, and "C" means grade.

Q890C steel plate executive standard: GB/T 16270.
Q890C steel plate delivery status (heat treatment): quenching and tempering.
The dimension, shape, weight and allowable deviation of Q890C steel plate shall comply with the provisions of GB/T709.

Smelting method of Q890C high-strength steel plate:
Smelted by oxygen converter or electric furnace.

Inspection rules for Q890C steel plate:
The mechanical and technological properties of steel plates shall be checked by rolling one by one.
Flaw detection: ultrasonic flaw detection

Q890C high-strength steel plate can be subject to ultrasonic flaw detection one by one, and the flaw detection standard and qualification level are indicated in the contract.

Q890C steel plate quality certificate:
A. The surface quality of steel plate shall comply with GB3274.
B. The packaging, marking and quality certificate of steel plate shall be in accordance with GB3247.
C. Other matters not covered shall comply with GB3274 and GB/T16270.

Q890C high-strength steel plate application range:
Q890C steel plate is applicable to the manufacture of coal mine hydraulic supports, heavy vehicles, construction machinery and other steel structures requiring good weldability.

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