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The 4th Seminar on Ultra-low Emissions and Green Development in the Iron and Steel and Coking Indust

On October 17-18, 2020, the 4th Seminar on Ultra-low Emissions and Green Development in the Iron and Steel and Coking Industries was held in Beijing. The conference focused on accelerating the implementation of ultra-low emission and high-quality development of the steel and coking industries, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation leading green development, and helping to win the blue sky defense war. Engineering application case.

This conference is co-sponsored by Beijing University of Science and Technology, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hegang Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Iron and Steel Industry Technology Innovation Alliance for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction.

Yang Renshu, president of University of Science and Technology Beijing, said at the meeting that he takes green, low-carbon, safety and environmental protection as the primary responsibilities, adheres to the general work tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and practices the concept of green development. Accelerate the high-quality development of the steel and coking industries to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and help win the battle against the blue sky.

Tong Yanchao, director of the Project Division of the Department of Atmospheric Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that the quality of steel ultra-low renovation must be the core. Iron and steel enterprises must implement high-quality ultra-low emission transformations, and comprehensively upgrade and transform organized emissions, unorganized emissions, clean transportation of bulk materials, and monitoring and monitoring facilities, and ultra-low emissions throughout the entire process, entire process, and entire life cycle. , And form corporate philosophy and production habits.

In addition, this conference specially set up 11 thematic sub-venues around key technology and industry hot issues such as ultra-low emission upgrading and transformation, energy saving, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization. At the same time, the conference held an advanced seminar on ultra-low emissions in the steel and coking industry, as well as exhibitions of new technologies, new products, new instruments for flue gas environmental monitoring and treatment, and exhibitions of environmental protection technology achievements.

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