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450 tons DX56D galvanized steel sheets to Turkey

1.Background Information
This customer is a well-known automobile spare parts manufacturer from Turkey. They purchased 450tons DX56D+Z100 galvanized steel coils and sheets to produce automotive spare parts and reexport to Germany.This is our first time to cooperate with each other. After a deep investigation from our one client from Germany which also bought from us for galvanized steel coils, they finalized the contract with us in March of 2021. For this order, they required three partial shipments.Specifications is very special,we still support them on super width of width 2000mm. Bebon finally produced totally according to their requirements and passed their inspection. They spoke very highly of our quality and our after-sales service after they received our goods.DX56D galvanized steel sheets

2. Inspection before shipment by BEBON Q/C department
Dimension inspection
Thickness inspectionDX56D galvanized steel sheets

Length inspectionDX56D galvanized steel sheets

Width inspectionDX56D galvanized steel sheets

Note: In China, there is very few workshops which can proceed the steel coils width of 2000mm cutting, our Bebon processing centre in Tianjin could totally support this kind of size.

3.Marking and loadingDX56D galvanized steel sheets

4.Mill Test CertificateDX56D galvanized steel sheetsDX56D galvanized steel sheets

5.The shipping documents
Bill of loadingDX56D galvanized steel sheets

Certificate of OriginDX56D galvanized steel sheets

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