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BBN steel plates inventory dropped significantly in Zhengzhou market

The total inventory of main steel plates products in Zhengzhou market has dropped significantly. From this table, we can see that in terms of building materials, demand for steel used in downstream projects has accelerated, market shipments have increased. The construction steel market inventories have declined slightly. In terms of sheet materials, downstream purchasing sentiment has increased, and sheet inventory has continued to decline significantly.
This week, the price of steel plates in Henan region has risen across the board, and the increase has expanded. Specifically, at the beginning of the week, under the influence of Tangshan billet continued to rise last weekend and the snail futures rose sharply, steel mills pushed up prices again, market confidence boosted, and the spot market actively followed up.
From the perspective of the transaction situation, the demand for steel in the downstream peak season continues to be released, and the market speculative demand in the price increase market also increases. On the whole, the steel market prices in the province have moved up at a high level this week, and the output of steel mills has not changed significantly. The total inventory of BBN Steel steel mills and the market has accelerated, and the apparent consumption of steel continues to rise, indicating that the demand for steel in the downstream peak season is obvious freed. At present, the supply and demand of Henan steel market are both booming, and the short-term market has a strong bullish atmosphere. It is expected that Henan steel prices may continue to run strongly in the short term.
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