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Q370qDNH steel plate for erecting railway or highway bridges

Introduction to Q370qDNH steel plate:
The grade of Q370qDNH steel plate is composed of Chinese pinyin letters representing yield strength, specified small yield strength values, Chinese pinyin first letters of the word "bridge" (resistance, weather), and quality grade symbols.
Q - the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the word "yield" of the yield strength of steel used for bridges;
370 - specified small yield strength value, unit: MPa;
Q - the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the steel "bridge" used for bridges;
D - Quality grade is D;
NH- the first letter of the Chinese phonetic alphabet of the word "weather resistant".

Q370qDNH steel plate delivery status (heat treatment):
Q370qDNH steel plate is delivered in hot rolling, normalizing or thermo-mechanical rolling state.

Steel with atmospheric corrosion resistance shall be delivered in any of the above delivery conditions except normalizing. Tempering treatment shall be carried out when the cooling method with faster cooling rate than that in air is used for cooling.

Q370qDNH steel plate executive standard: GB/T 714.
This standard is applicable to Q370qDNH steel plate with thickness no more than 150mm.

Q370qDNH steel plate is mainly used for erecting railway or highway bridges.

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