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The market demand for DIN17175 ST35.8 boiler tube is weakening

Is it another round of roller coaster for the price rise of DIN17175 ST35.8 boiler tubes? The industry has a different opinion on it. The more consistent view is that demand is slowing this year, but it will not be too bad. Vice president of China Iron and Steel Industry Association said that this year, steel consumption demand is expected to remain stable or slightly increase. Now the DIN17175 ST35.8 boiler tube market demand weakened is a big probability event, the supply still has many uncertainties. Whether the price of DIN17175 ST35.8 steel tube is roller coaster, supply is the key.

Beyond expect of steel market, more than a month ago, people who were expected to be bullish on the price of DIN17175 ST35.8 boiler tube were shocked by the downward curve of the ST35.8 tube price, and a month after the price rose, they were again excited. In the eyes of many industry experts, it is the influence of high stock, weak demand, the effect of limited production, and the relatively empty and multiple factors at home and abroad.

Analysts believe that factors such as large inventories, large DIN17175 ST35.8 boiler tube production and slow start demand are beyond expectations. An analysis is made from another point of view: at least the market risk is released, and the later market will not be too bad; on the contrary, it is likely to face a risk of a straight fall if it continues to rise. Despite the fall in steel prices, the price level of DIN17175 ST35.8 boiler tube is still high.

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