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Weathering steel used in landscape

Weathering steel is called landscape weathering steel when it is used in the landscape. Weathering steel is used in many fields because it has rust and corrosion resistance, and has the advantage of 4-8 times higher atmospheric corrosion resistance than ordinary steel. In addition, the weathering steel materials can be recycled, which is very low-carbon and environmentally friendly, in line with the theme of sustainable development of the times!

Landscape design is a common application field of weathering steel. The main features are listed below.
1. It has very prominent visual art expression. The color brightness and saturation of rusted steel plates are higher than the cost of general structural materials, so it is easy to stand out against the background of Chinese gardens and greenery. In addition, the rough surface caused by the corrosion problem of the steel plate can make the structure more volume and quality.
2. Has strong body shaping ability. Like other metal materials, rusty steel plates are more likely to form rich and diverse shapes and maintain good integrity, which is difficult to achieve in wood, stone and concrete .
3. It also has the ability to define different spaces. Due to the large strength and toughness of the steel plate, most of the masonry materials have the thickness of the structure. Therefore, you can use the thin steel plate space to separate very clearly and accurately, and the scene becomes simple and lively, and full of vitality.
4. Changing time language. The color of the rusted steel plate is greatly affected by environmental and climatic factors. After long-term storage, students will easily change from bright reddish brown to dim dark blue and gray. With the aging of the study time, the unique color and texture of the weathering steel that makes the company full of beauty The aspect can fully reflect the unique charm of art education. It can effectively trace the sense of history of the venue, record the instantaneous feeling at different times, and extend the vitality of the event venue, so that limited material technology can achieve "symbiosis" with each other and reflect the sustainable design concept.

In short, the characteristics of weathering steel provide unique conditions for the use of landscape. If you are looking for weathering steel plate or sheet, please contact us.
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