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Tangshan Steel Express March 2, 2020

Tangshan carbon steel billet yesterday and some local mills in Changli had a stable output of 3,000, and some steel plants in Qian'an had a stable output of 3030. In the early morning session, steel mills in Changli area rose 20 to 3020. After the rise, the overall billet transaction was average, and the prices of downstream finished steel products stabilized and strengthened. The specific transactions are as follows:
Strip steel: Tangshan small and narrow-band transactions are active, mainstream manufacturers reported 3250, the overall market is active, many cleared; Tangshan 355 strip steel rose 10 compared with last Friday, spot mainstream 3240-3250, Ruifeng 3250-3260, spot is lower than futures prices 20. The transaction was average.
Section steel: Tangshan section steel prices are steadily increasing, and mainstream prices are now quoted for I-beams 3390-3400, angle steels 3400-3510, and channel steels 3390-3410. In the early morning, the spiral high billet led the rise, the market transaction atmosphere improved, and low-cost resources With heavy volume, some resources in the intraday market rose in a narrow range.
Pipes: The mainstream of Tangshan scaffolding pipes is 10% higher than yesterday. The tax report is 3470-3530 and the transaction is average.
Hot coil: Tangshan Kai flat plate prices dropped slightly by 10, 1500 wide wide open flat plate first-line steel mill 3310, second-line steel mill 3300, manganese Kaiping 3450.
Medium plate: Tangshan medium plate prices remain stable, 14-22mm general plate mainstream reported 3430, low alloy plate reported 3630.
Scrap steel: Tangshan scrap is partially reduced: heavy a2470-2590, first-class crushed material 2280-2300, small steel briquetting block 2130-2220, 08 aluminum small briquette 2180-2280, color steel tile briquette 1830-1910, shear material 2000 -2070, steel cutting head 2620-2690, excluding tax.
Building materials: The building materials market in Tangshan dropped by 10-20 from last Friday, and now it has 3290 large thread, 3340 small thread, and the disc screw drops 80 to 3430.
Billet: Tangshan Steel Works can send straight billets. Tangshan billet market warehousing stocks are mainly reported at 3110-3120 including tax, and some of them are sold at low prices. The overall transaction of finished products is active, and it is expected that the billet will rise after noon.
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