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ASTMA36 steel Vs Q235B steel

ASTM A36 steel is equivalent to Q235B steel. However, what is the difference between ASTM A36 steel and Q235B steel.

ASTM A36 steel Vs Q235B steel

ASTM A36 steel is the material of the American Standard ASME standard (equivalent to the ASTM code), Q235B carbon steel is the material of the Chinese standard GB/T 700-2006 (rolled steel for general structure).
GB700: Q235
JIS G3101: SS400

Properties for the carbon steel

ASTM A36 Q235B carbon steel chemical composition:

Grade  C (t≤16mm) Si Mn P S Cu N
Q235B 0.20 max 0.35 max 1.40 max 0.045 max 0.045 max - -
A36 0.26 max 0.40 max - 0.04 max 0.05 max 0.20 min -

ASTM A36 Q235B carbon steel plate sheet mechanical properties:

Grade Yield strength ReH/(N/mm2) Tensile strength Rm/(N/mm2) (3mm≤t≤16mm) Elongation A/% Charpy V test
(t≤16mm) min (3mm≤t≤40mm) min Temperature/℃ Impact energy (Longitudinal)/J min
Q235B 235 370-500 26 20 27
A36 250 400-550 23 - -
1. Yield points are different (A36 = 250MPa, Q235B = 235MPa); 3D web technology forum.
2. Different tensile strength (A36 = 400-550MPa, Q235B = 375-500MPa);
3. Different requirements for element content: (A36: C≤0.25%, Si≤0.4%, P≤0.04%, S≤0.05%; Q235B: C = 0.12- 0.2%, Si≤0.3, P≤0.045%, S≤0.045%).
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