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The medium plate prices fall in Handan, Hebei Province

Today, the mainstream quotation of Handan City's medium plate is lowered by 10. Now 14-20 specifications Puyang reported 4340 RMB. BBNsteel reported the medium plate price 4320-4330 RMB, low alloy price increase 220. Today's morning futures oscillated. Due to the recent public health incidents in Hebei, traffic was affected. Part of the traders mainly focused on shipping and destocking. Some merchants in the market lacked specifications.
Information on January 13, 2021: The total transaction volume of the 11 large companies in Handan Medium Board today was 10,600 tons, a decrease of 1,300 tons from the previous trading day. In terms of mentality, for the market outlook, traders are currently cautious and wait-and-see attitude towards the market. The market mentality is relatively tense, and prices are expected to fluctuate in the short term.
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