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The import price of hot rolled coils in the Middle East continued to fall

According to foreign media reports, the assessed import price of Saudi hot rolled coil was 950-980 US dollars / ton (CFR) on September 14 and 950-1010 US dollars / ton (CFR) on September 7 last week.

According to the Saudi market news, the mainstream export quotation of Chinese hot rolled coil this week is 970 US dollars / ton (CFR, Saudi Arabia), down 50-70 US dollars / ton compared with the quotation last week. The mainstream export quotation of Indian hot rolled coil is 980-1000 US dollars / ton (CFR, Saudi Arabia). At the beginning of this week, we haven't heard of a large number of imported hot rolls in the Saudi market.

On September 14, the evaluation price of hot rolled coil import in UAE was 950-960 US dollars / ton (CFR), and on September 7 last week, it was 950-980 US dollars / ton (CFR).

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