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P355GH alloy plate price per ton in China market on July 11

The latest price trend of P355GH alloy plate in China market is running smoothly. The price of 12mm P355GH alloy plate is 704.62 usd/ton, which is unchanged from yesterday; the price of 24mm P355GH alloy plate is 696.92 usd/ton, which is stable; and the price of 36mm P355GH steel plate is 746.15 usd/ton, which maintains yesterday's price.

P355GH alloy plate price per ton in China market on July 11:

Product Thickness (mm) Price (usd/ton)
P355GH alloy plate 6 773.85
P355GH alloy plate 8 738.46
P355GH alloy plate 10 723.08
P355GH alloy plate 12 704.62
P355GH alloy plate 14 700.00
P355GH alloy plate 16-20 696.92
P355GH alloy plate 22-25 696.92
P355GH steel plate 26-30 701.54
P355GH steel plate 32-40 746.15
P355GH steel plate 45 758.46
P355GH steel plate 55 761.54
P355GH steel plate 65 770.77
P355GH steel plate 75 786.15

P355GH alloy plate prices are stable today, steel prices are stable, market prices are stable and overall turnover is poor.

It is expected that in the short term, the price of P355GH alloy plate in China will be weak or the oscillation will be weak.

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