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European hot rolled coil prices continue to rise

According to foreign media reports, on March 2, the ex factory price index of hot rolled coil in northern Europe was 985.7 euros / ton, up 19.5 euros / ton on a weekly basis and 49.6 euros / ton on a monthly basis.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, European steel mills have withdrawn their original hot rolled coil quotation for reassessment. On March 2, ArcelorMittal, the mainstream European steel mill, released the latest ex factory quotation of hot rolled coil to the whole European region, which was 1150 euros (1287 dollars) / ton. The new quotation was significantly higher than its previous quotation in northern Europe by 180 euros / ton. ArcelorMittal hr coil has a high market share in northern Europe. At present, many dealers in Europe have also received the latest quotation of hot rolled steel coil from some other steel mills in Europe, which is 150-200 euros / ton higher than before.

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