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Brazilian steel prices continue to rise in 2021

Brazilian steel demand has exceeded supply since mid-2020, consistent with complaints from buyers about the difficulties in steel delivery since the second half of last year, according to the Brazilian Steel Association. In March, the apparent consumption of steel in Brazil exceeded 356000 tons, the biggest difference since the Brazilian Steel Association began to release monthly data in 2013. In March, the steel production was 2.09 million tons, while the apparent consumption was 2.44 million tons.

According to the data of the Brazilian Iron and Steel Association, the steel consumption in Brazil has exceeded the output in the rest months except that the steel production in October and December 2020 is 53000 tons higher than the apparent consumption in October and December 2020 respectively. According to the varieties, the flat material supply is close to normal, but there are still problems of delay in delivery and shortage of some specifications for long-term products. In the event of this disconnect between supply and demand, Brazilian steel prices continued to rise in 2021.

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