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BBN steel: hot rolled steel price forecast

Hot rolled steel coil: today, the black commodity futures market was in a volatile operation, and the spot market was in a strong wait-and-see mood. The quotation of merchants continued to fall slightly, but after the fall, the overall market turnover was poor. The supply of steel plants increased slightly this week, and the factory warehouse and social warehouse continued to show an upward trend. At present, the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream terminals is not high, and they are basically purchasing on demand. In the later stage, the pressure of accumulated stock in the market increases. In order to reduce the risk, businesses still focus on cash out by shipping, and the short-term market price still has a downward trend. On the whole, it is expected that the market price of hot rolled steel coil will still fluctuate weakly tomorrow.

Hot rolled steel plate: due to the weak futures trend, the market mentality slightly worse. In terms of transaction, as the price goes down, the downstream purchasing areas are cautious, and the transaction in most regional markets is relatively general throughout the day. In terms of resources, although the company is still making profits, most of the regional markets are mainly shipping and transportation is blocked, and there is less active price locking for goods preparation. In general, with the gradual weakening of demand and strong willingness of traders to ship, it is expected that the price of hot rolled steel plate will still weaken slightly tomorrow.

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