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Yield strength and tensile strength of S355J2 high-strength plate

Yield strength of S355J2 high-strength plate:
Thk ≤16mm: ≥ 355 Mpa;
16-40mm:≥345 Mpa;
40-63mm:≥335 Mpa;
63-80mm:≥325 Mpa;
80-100mm: ≥315 Mpa;
100-150mm: 295 Mpa;
150-200mm: ≥285 Mpa;
200-250mm: ≥275 Mpa;
250-400mm: ≥265 Mpa.

Tensile strength of S355J2 steel plate: 450-680 Mpa.

Impact energy of S355J2 high-strength plate: - 20℃: ≥ 27J.

Delivery status of S355J2 steel plate: hot rolling, controlled rolling, normalizing, etc.

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