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Mechanical properties of smelting components of 15MnNi steel plate

15MnNi steel plate is for nuclear power vessels. It is a steel grade formed by reducing V, P, and S on the basis of 15MnVR and adding 0.2%-0.5% Ni.

Chemical composition of 15MnNi steel plate:
C: ≤0.18, Si: ≤0.15-0.35, Mn: ≤1.20-1.55, P: ≤0.015, S: ≤0.005, Cr: ≤0.15, Ni: ≤0.5-0.85, Mo: ≤0.5, Nb: ≤0.004, V: ≤0.020, Ti: ≤0.020, Cu: ≤0.06

15MnNi steel plate specification: thickness: 10-100mm, width: 1600-4020mm, length: 6000-17500mm.

Mechanical properties of 15MnNi steel plate:
Yield strength: 360 MPa
Tensile strength: 530-590 MPa
Elongation: ≥28%

15MnNi steel plate is the steel for nuclear safety grade II and III pressure vessels. Because nuclear power equipment is in service in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and neutron radiation all year round, the steel plate used for equipment production is required to have suitable strength, high resistance, and low brittle transition temperature. It has the characteristics of strong radiation resistance and low alloying element content, so it has strict requirements in room temperature stretching, high temperature stretching, thickness direction stretching and hardness.

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