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EH500 EH550 steel plate heat treatment and properties

EH500 EH550 steel plate production process:
Steel is trained by converter or electric furnace and, if necessary, can be refined outside the furnace. The Z-direction steel plate shall be subjected to ultrasonic flaw detection, and the flaw detection level shall be indicated.

EH500 EH550 steel plate heat treatment:
Condition: TMCP, quenching and tempering, TMCP+tempering, Z25 or Z35 can be selected. Different ones can be selected according to the needs, or additional flaw detection standard requirements, flaw detection grade requirements, Z-direction functional requirements, classification society certification requirements, and special alloy element addition requirements, etc., but it needs to be communicated between the supplier and the buyer, and it is indicated in the contract.

EH500 EH550 steel plate chemical composition (melting analysis %):
C≤0.20, Si≤0.55, Mn≤1.70, P≤0.25, S≤0.25, N≤0.020

EH500 EH550 steel plate mechanical properties:
EH500 steel plate yield strength≥500, tensile strength 610-770, elongation%≥16, test temperature -40℃, impact energy akv/j longitudinal ≥50;
EH550 steel plate yield strength≥550, tensile strength 670-830, elongation%≥16, test temperature -40℃, impact energy akv/j longitudinal ≥55.

EH500 steel plate and EH550 steel plate are both classified as higher-strength ship and marine structural steel plates. From the development of higher-strength ship plates in the world today, low-carbon equivalent, micro-alloying, controlled rolling and controlled cooling, heat treatment and other technological routes are widely used. The addition of microalloying elements can not only play a role in advancing strength, but also compensate for the loss of strength caused by the decrease in carbon equivalent, and at the same time improve the welding performance, mechanical performance and technological performance of advancing steel. Due to the application environment requirements of high-strength ship plates such as EH500 steel plate and EH550 steel plate, it can meet the requirements of high strength, high toughness, high welding performance, and thickness direction performance.

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