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August 3600 tons S355J2W weathering steel plate exports Egypt

On August 2th, 3500 tons S355J2W weathering steel plate exports Egypt, surface quality of the product intrinsic quality, meet the requirement of customers, products and effective ability to ascend, the international market to develop new strides.
S355J2W Weather resistant steel, or S355J2W atmospheric corrosion steel, is a low alloy steel series between ordinary steel and stainless steel. S355J2W thick resistant steel is widely used in manufacturing plants, general construction and all kinds of engineering machinery, such as mining and all kinds of engineering construction in the drill, electric wheel dump truck, excavators, cranes, hydraulic support in coal mine and other mechanical equipment and other structures.Through the metallization of elements such as Cu, P and Cr, the protective layer is formed on the surface of the metal matrix, which can be three to four times that of ordinary steel.
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