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What is the delivery condition of S550Q plates?

S550Q steel plates delivery condition

S550Q steel plates delivery status: delivered in the quenched and tempered tempered state. S550Q plates can also be attached to the requirements of the flaw detection standard requirements, flaw detection level requirements, Z-direction performance requirements, requirements for the addition of special alloy elements, etc., but subject to communication between the supply and demand parties, and indicated in the contract. So in the above it is also said that S550Q steel plate is quenched and tempered high strength steel plate.

What are the mechanical properties of S550Q plates

Tensile strength Rm: 640-820MPa;

Yield strength: 550 MPa;

The elongation of copy after fracture is 16%.

S550 series steel can be divided into four grades such as S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1 grade, belonging to the European standard low 5261 alloy high strength steel EN 10025-6-2004. for S550Q steel stock/price, welcome to contact us.


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