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What are the proof strength requirement of P460NH at elevated temperature?

P460NH under EN10028-3 weldable fine grain steel standard is alloy special steel. It is always delivered in normalized condition.
The proof strength of P460NH steel at elevated temperatures changes according to EN10028-3 standard as follows.
Thickness Minimum proof strength
t MPa
 - at a temperature in of
mm 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
≤16 445 419 388 356 326 300 278 261
16<t≤40 430 405 375 345 316 290 269 253
40<t≤60 416 391 362 333 305 281 260 244
60<t≤100 387 364 337 310 284 261 242 227
100<t≤250 as agreed as agreed as agreed as agreed as agreed as agreed as agreed as agreed
The pressure vessel steel grade P460NH owns higher tensile and yield strength. Boiler steel plates P460NH tensile strength is at 570_720 Mpa for thickness belows 60mm,even maximum 730 Mpa is OK for the product thicknesses up to 16 millimeters. For P460NH steel plate price from factory, welcome to contact us.
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