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Structural steel introduction

BBN steel offer all kinds of Structural steel,here offer Structural steel introduction.
General the structure steel can be divided into: ordinary carbon structural steel (such as Q235, Q275, etc.), its grade is the yield strength of the steel and high-quality carbon structural steel (such as 20 steel, 35 steel, 45 steel, etc.), its brand (Such as 16Mn, 40Cr, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, etc.), the meaning of the grade is: the preceding figures indicate the carbon content of the steel, the latter elements after the number that the number of carbon in the steel; The percentage of the elements in the steel.
Low-alloy high-strength structural steel is made of carbon structural steel (Wc = 0.16% ~ 0.2%) based on the addition of a small amount of alloy elements and has good welding performance, plasticity, toughness and processing technology, better Corrosion resistance, higher strength and lower chilled critical transition temperature. Its grades are essentially the same as carbon structural steels. Applicable to the manufacture of construction bridges, ships, railways, high - pressure vessels, boiler tractors, large - scale steel structures and large - scale military engineering and other structural components.
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