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How to weld 42CrMo material?

42CrMo steel plate is heat treated and quenched, this material is a medium carbon high chromium alloy material. 42CrMo material should be welded with WEWELDING600 alloy steel electrode with excellent crack resistance. The mother body should be pre-heated at about 200 degrees in the quenched state. This is to prevent the use of fake electrodes.

WEWELDING600 special alloy steel electrode characteristics: WEWELDING600 alloy steel electrode ( We600 or Weoding 600 electrode for short) is a special nickel-chromium alloy steel electrode with low heat output and suitable for all-round welding. It has wide versatility, high-strength general base metal strength design, excellent welding process performance, and stable arc. The welding seam is even and beautiful, and it can weld well under the conditions of oil, water and rust.

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