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Hot sell steel standard JIS G3125 SPA-C steel in China

Standard No. JIS G 3125:2004,Superior atmospheric corrosion resisting rolled steels.
This Standard specifies the rolled steel having high atmospheric corrosion resistance, to be used for vehicle, building, steel tower and other structure.
After the JIS G3125 SPA-C steel  added phosphorus, copper, chromium, nickel and other trace elements, so that the steel surface density and adhesion strong protective film, rust inside impede proliferation and development, protection rust layer to the underlying substrate, in order to reduce the corrosion rate.
standard JIS G3125 SPA-C steel all made of carbon steel and copper, nickel, phosphorus and other chemical elements. The content of these chemical elements, only a few percent. Because different alloying elements, weather resisting steel has better mechanical properties, as well as greater corrosion resistance. Thus, standard JIS G3125 SPA-C steel used for marine containers, container, bridges, and train tracks.
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