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Hot rolled carbon steel strips common material

There are different types of hot rolled carbon steel strips we can supply like hot rolled GB3524-83 ordinary carbon steel, hot-rolled wide-band steel for bicycles, pressure vessel hot rolled strips.
1. Hot-rolled ordinary carbon structural steel strip (GB3524-83) Hot-rolled ordinary carbon steel strip is made of ordinary carbon structural steel. After hot rolling, it is made into a thickness of 2.00-6.00mm and a width of 50-300mm.
(1) Main uses Mainly used for the manufacture of cold-rolled billets, cold-formed steel billets, welded steel pipe billets, bicycles, and small hardware products.
(2) The grade of material, chemical composition, and mechanical properties conform to the regulations of GB700-79 (88).
2. Hot-rolled wide-band steel for bicycles GB3645-89) Hot-rolled wide-band steel for bicycles is made of carbon steel and low-alloy steel, and is hot-rolled into a strip with a thickness of 2.0-8.0mm, and the strip width can reach 1300mm.
(1) The main purpose: dedicated to bicycle manufacturing materials.
(2) Material grade and chemical composition
(3) Mechanical properties
(4) Strip steel (plate) specification size Strip steel thickness 2.0-6.0mm, steel plate thickness 7.0, 8.0mm.
Strip steel (plate) width: boiling steel ≤1300mm (a = 2.0-6.0) killed steel ≤1250mm (a≤3.0) ≤1300mm (a≤3.0) steel plate length: steel coil inner diameter 760mm, steel plate 4-6m.
3. Hot-rolled strip steel for pressure vessels (GB5681-85)
(1) The main purpose: used to manufacture low pressure vessels.
(2) Material grade and chemical composition
(3) Mechanical properties
(4) Strip steel size: strip steel thickness 4mm, width is a multiple of 80mm, length is not less than 70m (roll).
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