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China Price Tendency of EH36 Marine Grade Plates in 2018

As the new year 2018 coming. Every of us is anxious and want to learn price tendency of the new year? So please follow our BBN Group, and we will analyze for you. Here we take EH36 Marine Grade Plates as an example.

In the past year 2017, the price of EH36 plates show an increasing trend in the whole. Based on analysis of iron and steel industry professionals, that to resolve the overcapacity and completely remove "substandard steel" is an important reason for the steel market situation in 2017 was better than expected and the market price was in increase channel.

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Recently, Tan Naifen, Deputy Secretary General of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, said that the total amount of EH36 shipbuilding steel in China is expected to be further reduced in 2018. Industry people believe that the high price of marine steel and insufficient supply of high-end varieties will still be the main problem that plagued the shipbuilding industry.

In the next 3~5 years, the supply and demand of ABS EH36 steel plates will be basically balanced, the price of shipbuilding steel will be stable in a reasonable range, and the probability of rising and falling is low. For 2018, as the overall demand for the steel market was roughly equivalent to 2017, the overcapacity situation will be further improved, and the annual average price level of China EH36 plates would be slightly higher than that in 2017.

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