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06Ni9DR material for low temperature pressure vessel

06Ni9DR material is a steel plate of -196 ℃ low temperature pressure vessel. Because of its good low temperature impact resistance and extremely low thermal deformation coefficient, it is widely used in LNG ships and LNG storage and transportation projects.
Classification: -196 ℃ low temperature pressure vessel steel plate
Features: Low temperature impact resistance performance
GB24510-2009 Low-temperature pressure vessel steel plate
Flaw detection standard: JB / T4730.3-2005 Non-destructive testing of pressure equipment

06Ni9DR steel plate mechanical properties

1. Yield points in different thickness: 575 MPa under 30mm; 565MPa in 30 to 50mm.
2. Tensile strength: 680-820MPa
3. Elongation min.: 18%

Delivery state

The 06Ni9DR steel plates are delivered in the state of offline quenching + tempering heat treatment. In order to improve the toughness of steel, intermediate heat treatment (secondary quenching) can also be carried out. The steel plate with a thickness not greater than 12mm can also be delivered in two normalizing and tempering states. The tempering temperature of the steel plate is not less than 540 ℃.
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